What Support Do Nonprofit Projects in Boise, Idaho Need?

Program areas such as youth development and arts and culture require grants and in-kind support to U. S. nonprofit organizations, US, Canada and Mexico in eligible locations to benefit local communities. The Blaine County Housing Authority operates the iconic Lift Tower Lodge motel for the benefit of the community, with 14 rooms offering temporary accommodation to 78 people to date, in addition to the rooms they have donated to other non-profit organizations in the community.

In-kind donations are also available to nonprofit organizations, government agencies and public entities in the U. Department of State and Territories that are interested in receiving properties that the federal government no longer needs. In-kind support is also available for U. nonprofit organizations, tribes, government agencies, and community groups U.

and territories for recreation and conservation projects across the country. Grants and in-kind donations are also available to nonprofit organizations in the U. United States, Canada and internationally to support musical programming in schools and communities. Foundation grants are combined with limited federal resources to support Idaho's homeless shelter operations and capital needs, in partnership with U.

grants to nonprofit organizations and U. government agencies in several states for a variety of programs that benefit the local communities where the funding source operates. Grants and in-kind assistance are also available to U. and international grassroots nonprofit organizations to advocate for disadvantaged children and youth in eligible regions.

Grants and in-kind donations are also available to U. nonprofit organizations in eligible states for programs that improve the lives of children and families. Idaho's Jesse Tree has provided a safety net for more than 6,650 people at risk of becoming homeless in Ada County since 2001. The funds are earmarked for programs and projects in the priority areas of hunger, housing, health care and education. The Foundation depends on many partners to make a measurable difference in the lives of Idahoans who need housing services and resources.

In-kind grants are also available to volunteer support to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribes and American schools for projects that serve low-income communities and address issues related to poverty.

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