Financial Assistance for Nonprofit Projects in Boise, Idaho

Are you looking for financial assistance to start or expand a nonprofit project in Boise, Idaho? If so, you're in luck! There are a variety of grants and funds available to help you get your project off the ground. The National Self-Employed Workers Association offers microgrants to help entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can also contact the Boise or Spokane Small Business Administration offices, the Idaho Small Business Development Center, or a SCORE counselor for more information on what funds your company might qualify for. The Albertson 1989 Southwest Region Fund is a challenge grant that benefits charitable organizations in southwestern Idaho.

The Frank and Dorothy Peavey Memorial Fund 2000 was created in memory of a Boise couple and provides grants to organizations and programs that support the arts, the environment, the homeless, or the mentally ill. The Oslund Fund 1999 was created by a Boise resident to support special projects and activities for schools and libraries in communities with populations of less than 3000 inhabitants. The Fund for the Northern Albertson Region 1989 is another challenge grant that benefits charitable organizations in Northern Idaho. The Hennessey Brothers Fund 2002 supports nonprofit organizations in Idaho through the ICF's regional grant programs. The Elinor Angelo 2000 Fund, created by Barbara Troxell of Boise, honors her niece and funds programs that promote or encourage reading by adults or children in the southwest region of the ICF. The Idaho Community Foundation Poverty Endowment Fund 2002 was created through the conversion of a fully fungible fund created by the Northwest Area Foundation.

This fund helps alleviate poverty throughout Idaho. The Daugherty Foundation Children's Fund 1999 was created by a private foundation in Idaho Falls and distributes funds to organizations and programs that provide services to children throughout Idaho. The Betty Penson Memorial Fund 2002 commemorates a former Idaho journalist and supports several charitable organizations and projects. The Ifft Fund for the Eastern Region 1989 was created by Sara Ifft and her late husband Nick to provide grants in support of charitable organizations and activities in eastern Idaho. Finally, the Children's Charities of Idaho 1990 fund provides grants to organizations across Idaho that address the needs of children in the areas of health, education, recreation, and the arts. If you're interested in starting or expanding a nonprofit project in Boise, Idaho, there are plenty of resources available to help you get started.

With some research and dedication, you can find the right grant or fund to make your project a reality.

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