What Resources are Available to Support Nonprofit Projects in Boise, Idaho?

GEM grants are available to small communities with populations of 10,000 inhabitants or less to help improve infrastructure, remedy deteriorating conditions and create opportunities for economic development. The IOF serves as a “deal closing fund” to strengthen Idaho's competitive capacity to support the expansion of existing businesses in Idaho and hire new companies for the state, which will ultimately create new jobs and economic growth in Idaho. The funds are earmarked for programs and projects in the priority areas of hunger, housing, health care and education. In-kind donations are available to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and public entities in the U.

S. Department of State and Territories that are interested in receiving properties that the federal government no longer needs. The Idaho Travel Council provides funding to local non-profit organizations whose primary purpose is to promote the state's travel and tourism assets. The Blaine County Housing Authority operates the iconic Lift Tower Lodge motel for the benefit of the community, with 14 rooms that offer temporary accommodation to 78 people to date, in addition to the rooms they have donated to other non-profit organizations in the community.

The Idaho Nonprofit Center provides excellent training and technical assistance to charitable nonprofit organizations throughout Idaho and does so efficiently and effectively. The Idaho Humane Society helps more animals in the state of Idaho than any other non-profit organization dedicated to animals in the state. In-kind support is available for U. nonprofit organizations, tribes, government agencies, and community groups U.

and territories for recreation and conservation projects across the country. Explore the Idaho scholarship map to learn more about the grants that have been awarded throughout Idaho and use the resources below to learn more about the grants available through Idaho Commerce. Grants and in-kind support are available to U. nonprofit organizations US, Canada and Mexico in eligible locations to benefit local communities.

Grants and in-kind donations are available to U. nonprofit organizations in eligible states for programs that improve the lives of children and families. Foundation grants are combined with limited federal resources to support Idaho's homeless shelter operations and capital needs, in partnership with U. grants to nonprofit organizations and U.

government agencies in several states for a variety of programs that benefit the local communities where the funding source operates. Grants and in-kind donations are available to nonprofit organizations in the U. S., Canada and internationally to support musical programming in schools and communities. In-kind grants are available to volunteer support to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribes and American schools for projects that serve low-income communities and address issues related to poverty.

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