Nonprofits in Boise, Idaho: Recognition for Their Projects

Nonprofit organizations are often known for their charitable work, which brings together people who want to work for something noble. In recognition of this, several funds and awards have been created to honor the work of nonprofits in Boise, Idaho. The Charles Stewart Mott Charitable Fund was established in 1990 as a challenge grant to recognize the importance of unrestricted donations to a responsive community foundation. The Forever Idaho Endowment Fund for North Idaho was created in 2004 to receive gifts from anyone interested in helping create permanent donation funds for North Idaho.

The Betty Penson Memorial Fund was established in 2002 to commemorate the former Idaho journalist, with distributions supporting several charitable organizations and projects. The Hennessey Brothers Fund was created in 2002 to forever support and strengthen nonprofit organizations in Idaho through the ICF's regional grant programs. In addition to these funds, several awards have been given to recognize the work of nonprofits in Boise. The Rexburg-based hospital, with 69 staffed beds, was one of only three hospitals in the state of Idaho to receive the coveted 5-star award. Luke's Magic Valley (213 staffed beds) and St.

Luke's Regional Medical Center in Boise (578 beds with staff) were also honored. The awards honor building owners and managers whose projects represent the best of Boise's built environment. Nonprofit organizations also often establish a compensation policy to help them determine how much senior executives will be paid in salary and ensure that that amount is in line with that of other similar organizations. Offering a competitive salary along with the added benefits of working in the non-profit sector helps nonprofit organizations to keep their staff members longer. In-kind donations to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and public entities in the U. S.

Department of State and Territories that are interested in receiving properties that the federal government no longer needs are also available. Grants and in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations in the U. S., Canada and internationally are available to support musical programming in schools and communities. In-kind grants to volunteer support to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, tribes and American schools for projects that serve low-income communities and address issues related to poverty are also available. Nonprofits have received a great deal of recognition for their work on projects in Boise, Idaho. From challenge grants and endowment funds to awards and grants, there are many ways for nonprofits to be honored for their efforts.

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