Technical Assistance for Nonprofit Projects in Boise, Idaho

Are you interested in working on nonprofit projects in Boise, Idaho? If so, there are several organizations that can provide you with the technical assistance you need. The Boise Assistance League offers scholarships for jobs that lead to a certificate program or associate degree through the College of Western Idaho (CWI). The Idaho Nonprofit Center provides comprehensive training and technical assistance to charitable nonprofit organizations throughout the state. They are highly efficient and effective in their work.

The Idaho Assisted Technology Project is located at the Center for Disabilities and Human Development at the University of Idaho. It is a federally funded grant project that supports people with disabilities and older people in their personal selection of assistive technology while living, working and playing in their communities. The Idaho Humane Society is another great organization that helps more animals in the state of Idaho than any other non-profit organization dedicated to animals in the state. They provide a variety of services to help animals in need.

Finally, a qualified federal aid engineer can help local road jurisdictions select and manage project consultants by developing project plans, specifications, and estimates to comply with federal regulations. This is an invaluable service for those looking to work on nonprofit projects in Boise, Idaho. No matter what type of nonprofit project you are interested in working on, there are organizations that can provide you with the technical assistance you need. From scholarships to federal aid engineers, these organizations are dedicated to helping those who want to make a difference in Boise, Idaho.

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