What Are the Requirements for Participating in a Nonprofit Project in Boise, Idaho?

Are you looking to participate in a nonprofit project in Boise, Idaho? If so, you'll need to meet certain requirements to ensure that your organization is eligible. GiveGab offers donors the option of increasing their donation by an amount equal to the fees that the non-profit organization will pay, so that the non-profit organization receives the full amount of the expected donation after the fees have been paid. The fee to participate in Idaho Gives depends on the size of your organization and whether you are a member of the Idaho Nonprofit Center. As nonprofit organizations expand out of state or operate across the country, they must also meet the same requirements in other states.

To comply with these regulations, organizations that participate in Idaho Gives and that have been pre-verified to receive donations on GiveGab may need to provide additional information to maintain their verification status. This structure will benefit participating nonprofit organizations by keeping more of the funds raised and will also help advertise Idaho Gives. In addition to using GiveGab, non-profit organizations don't provide their donors with a breakdown of the part of their donation that is deductible (unless the donor receives something of value in return, such as dinner, etc.). The Idaho Gives and Idaho Nonprofit Center teams do not host in-person events or street parties during Idaho Gives week. By checking the box, you confirm that your organization meets the applicable state fundraising requirements in states where you can request donors through the GiveGab platform. The people of Idaho Gives and GiveGab are working hard to make this day an easy way for donors to donate and an effective way for nonprofit organizations to tell their story.

We ask that you respect Idaho Gives as a whole and to support efforts made to raise funds and awareness for nonprofit organizations in Idaho. Grants are awarded for projects that benefit community beautification and public recreation in southeastern Idaho, with a primary emphasis on landscaping and beautification projects. To participate in a nonprofit project in Boise, Idaho, you must meet certain requirements. These include using GiveGab, providing donors with a breakdown of their deductible donations (unless they receive something of value in return), and confirming that your organization meets applicable state fundraising requirements. Additionally, grants are available for projects that benefit community beautification and public recreation.

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