Discover Upcoming Nonprofit Events in Boise, Idaho

Are you looking for ways to support your local community and non-profit organizations in Boise, Idaho? Forever Idaho's regional grant program is a great way to make an impact and connect passionate donors to community needs. Funded through the generosity of donors, the program distributes impact-based funding through grants awarded in four regional cycles. In addition, ICF offers other grant programs that are funded by donors who want to continue participating in the granting of grants. Teen Retail is a great example of this, with nearly 800 students from 30 different schools in the Boise, Kuna and West Ada school districts participating in February.

For non-profit businesses and charitable events in Idaho, we offer a free online platform to raise awareness and encourage charitable funding from the Idaho 501 (c) organization. We also provide free advertising and assistance to all events in Idaho that are currently charitable in nature or willing to do so by donating money or services to non-profit businesses in need.

Landscaping and beautification projects

are the primary focus of grants awarded for projects that benefit community beautification and public recreation in southeastern Idaho. If you're looking for upcoming events related to non-profit projects in Boise, Idaho, there are several ways to find out.

You can check out Forever Idaho's website for information on their grant program and other grant opportunities. You can also visit the Teen Retail website for information on their program and upcoming events. Additionally, you can search online for non-profit businesses and charitable events in Idaho that may be offering grants or other forms of assistance.

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